The Luxury Private Party

I know what you're looking for…
Maybe a special night
in a unknown place full of forbidden pleasures…
I know that place, let me take you there.
In a middle of the dark you will see
a way of shimmering lights follow it and there is it:
The castle of beauty and perversion.
I have ready your room, there you will find your cape and your mask.
Now is the time to take your chance
and be who you always wanted to be…
Only you and nine fortunate special men, can enjoy the magic of the night,
with the goddesses of sensuality and lust.
You will be prisoner of your own desires ...



What we do

This party is a very special moment, the perfect ocasion to scape of your reality and find new ways to have fun.
Only you and nine more special gentlemen can enjoy it.

  • One of our drivers is going to pick you up at the airport, and he will bring you to the castle.
  • You going to have your luxury suite room ready, and there you will find your mask and cape.
  • At the party you can enjoy a fantastic (dinner) ,drinks, wine and champagne
  • If you like to have something special like a special champagne or wine please tell as and we will do our best to please you.
  • And remember the dress code is black.


One more thing

The next party is 26 september 2015.

If you want to join these party just for you and your group of friends tell us we are very sure that is going to be an experience that you and your friends will never forget.